Writing Program
Welcome to the Writing Program at Hanover College!

Hanover College follows the established Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing Within Disciplines model of writing instruction, which honors the full range of professional writing, while re-enforcing good writing skills over the course of a student's entire education. Students not only learn the essentials of college-level writing in general, but also the particular styles and techniques of writing within their chosen field of study, in preparation for professional life.

Students complete a Writing Intensive course (W1), in any number of disciplines, in the first year where they learn the basics of college-level writing and thinking, including the skills necessary to take clear and purposeful positions on subjects of importance. By the end of their junior year, students also complete a second Writing Intensive course (W2), in a discipline of their choice or in their major, which introduces them to the research skills, methods, and writing within that discipline.