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Learning Objectives for W2 Courses

Dominique Battles, English
Learning Objectives for W2 Courses
Here is a basic checklist of Research Writing Skills to cover over the course of term in your W2 course.  Feel free to adapt his list to your own discipline.  Many of these skills can be taught concurrently, in pairs, through a single exercise.  Hence, I've grouped them into useful pairs:
Finding a good topic           Evaluating scholarly sources        Summarizing a source
Narrowing your topic          Navigating a scholarly source      Annotating a source

Citing sources                      Quoting sources                              Finding sources                  
Responsible source use    Integrating sources into a paper   Creating a Bibliography

Helpful Tools:

  • You can find handy exercises for teaching many of these skills under the "Resources" section of this website. 
  • For helpful ideas for tackling these skills over the course of the term, see "Sequencing Assignments for W2 Courses" under "W2 Resources" on this website.

Questions?:  contact Dominique Battles at battlesd@hanover.edu.