Writing Program

Sample Course Proposal W1

Motion: to add ENG 1xx, Beauty and the Beast in Literature, to the course catalog as a "W1" course.

Rationale: This course replaces one of semesters of the two-course GW 119-20 sequence, "Beauty in Art and Literature."

The course fulfills the requisite "W1" objectives:

  1. Learn and engage in college-level writing
    Students learn basic and intermediate techniques of college-level writing.
  2. Take clear and purposeful positions on subjects of importance and support them effectively through a thesis statement, supporting evidence, and cogent arguments that lead to a clear conclusion
    This course includes instruction in finding an original and argumentative topic, formulating a thesis, outlining points of argument, and finding and incorporating evidence from primary and secondary sources to support the argument.
  3. Understand writing as a process by revising for clarity, consistency, and mechanical correctness
    Each paper undergoes a staged approach to writing, both in and out of class, from formulating a thesis, to drafting topic sentences, to crafting a single body paragraph, to a complete draft. The course offers three types of workshop: one-on-one conferencing; in-class peer-editing using a rubric provided by the instructor; and drop-in "evening hours" in the library with the instructor held throughout term.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to document evidence
    Students receive in-class instruction on quoting sources, avoiding plagiarism, summarizing, and paraphrasing.
  5. Offer instruction in the basics of information literacy
    Students do a formal library information session. We spend an additional day in the library where students learn to access relevant databases, as well as find print sources from the library collection.
  6. Require a minimum of 12 pages of formal writing in final draft form
    The first paper must be a minimum of 3 pages, the second paper 4 pages, and the final paper at least 5 pages.
  7. Require a minimum of 3 papers
    The course requires three formal papers, as well as two 2-page response papers and numerous informal written assignments.
  8. Require at least one paper of five pages or more in length
    The final paper is 5 pages in length.
  9. 9. Derive at least 35% of the grade for the course from papers
    45% of the course grade derives from paper (10%; 10%; 15% for the three papers, and 5%;5% for the two written response papers).

Catalog description: ENG 1xx. Beauty and the Beast in Literature. This course explores the enduring theme of Beauty and the Beast in literature across cultures, from antiquity to the present day. We approach this theme both as a timeless expression of the female "quest," and as a timely definition of beauty through its opposite: the monstrous.