Writing Program

Sample Proposal W1

Motion: To add Eng 1xx, The Quest Archetype in Literature and Art, to the course catalog as a "W1" course.

Rationale: This course replaces the two-course GW 127-128 sequence, "The Quest Archetype I/II."

The course fulfills the requisite "W1" objectives:

  1. Learn and engage in college-level writing
    Students learn basic and intermediate techniques in college-level writing.
  2. Take clear and purposeful positions on subjects of importance and support them effectively through a thesis statement, supporting evidence, and cogent arguments that lead to a clear conclusion
    The course includes instruction on finding and narrowing an original and argumentative topic, on writing thesis statements, on incorporating evidence from primary and secondary sources, and on strategies for argumentation.
  3. Understand writing as a process by revising for clarity, consistency, and mechanical correctness
    Students submit drafts for every paper. These drafts are peer-edited. Along with the final draft of each paper, students must submit a paragraph in which they describe how they have tried to improve the paper in response to peer feedback.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to document evidence
    There is a unit on source-use, including instruction on avoiding plagiarism and using quotation, paraphrase, and summary.
  5. Offer instruction in the basics of information literacy
    We spend a day discussing how to obtain sources from the library. Students are required to not only access relevant databases, but also to obtain print sources from the library.
  6. Require a minimum of 12 pages of formal writing in final draft form
    The first paper must be at least 3 pages, the second at least 4, and the third at least 5.
  7. Require a minimum of 3 papers
    The course requires 3 papers as well as copious shorter formative writing assignments.
  8. Require at least one paper of 5 pages or more in length
    The third paper is 5 pages in length.
  9. Derive at least 35% of the grade for the course from papers
    40% of the course grade derives from papers (10%, 15%, and 15% respectively).

Catalog description: Eng 1xx. The Quest Archetype in Literature and Art. An examination of the Quest archetype in literature and art. The course will use C. G. Jung's theories of the collective unconscious and of archetypes, as well as Joseph Campbell's Quest paradigm, to study works in various genres from classical antiquity to contemporary culture.